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United Drug Testing Laboratory, Inc. provides drug tests, alcohol tests, laboratory testing and data support services to private business, health care facilities, government agencies, criminal justice, and drug rehabilitation facilities. Along with a full line of court admissible DNA paternity tests.


As a nationwide provider of customized drug testing services, UDTL's experienced staff is dedicated to answering your questions and concerns and providing you with solutions designed to make your occupational test...



We offer the following types of Drug, Alcohol and DNA Testing:

  • Drug Testing

    • ​​Hair

    • Saliva

    • Passive Exposure​​​​​

    • Urine

    • DNA Testing

  • Workplace Testing (On-Site or In-Lab)

  • Alcohol Testing

  • Paternity Tests

  • Now offering Fentanyl Testing & Synthetic Marijuana Drug Testing (K2, Spice,  & Red Dragon)

Testing Programs


The following drug & alcohol testing programs are available:

  • Business Testing

  • Government Testing

  • Private Citizen Testing

  • Unobserved Collections

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