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Employer Services

UDTL, Inc. can provide your organization with a workplace program to fit your specific needs and make recommendations on which type of drug test would best serve you. If you are considering establishing a drug-free workplace program, UDTL can assist you with the three components of a successful program. These components include


  • Company Role and Responsibilities

  • Sample Collection, Information and Collection Procedures

  • Drug Testing Training

Drug Test Panels
Laboratory Services

We offer the following types of Drug, Alcohol and DNA Testing: 

  • Drug Testing

    • Hair​

    • Saliva

    • Passive Exposure

    • Urine

  • Alcohol Testing

  • Paternity Tests

  • Workplace Testing

  • Bath Salts Testing

  • Now offering Fentanyl Testing & Synthetic Marijuana (K2, Spice, Red Dragon) Drug Tests

  • DNA Testing


The following drug & alcohol testing programs are available:

  • Workplace Testing

  • Government Testing

  • Private Citizen Testing

  • Unobserved Collections

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