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Federal DOT Drug and Alcohol Test Requirements


We are certified to test for all agencies under the Department of Transportation: FMSCA, FAA, FRA, FTA, PHMSA & USCG


The following drug and alcohol tests apply to all persons who are required to have a CDL for the type vehicle being operated:


Pre-Employment: This test is required and negative results must be received before a motor carrier allows a driver to perform a safety sensitive function. The pre-employment test is only required for controlled substances. Alcohol testing is permitted. Reasonable Suspicion: This test is required when a trained supervisor/employer has reasonable suspicion to believe that the driver has used alcohol and/or controlled substances. Random: This unannounced testing is based on a random selection of drivers. The selection must be made by a scientifically valid method and all drivers covered by this rule must have an equal chance of being tested. The names of drivers who are selected for testing must be kept confidential until such time that the carrier notifies the driver to take the test. Post Accident: This drug/ alcohol test applies to all CDL drivers who are involved in fatal crashes. The test must also be conducted on all CDL drivers who are cited for moving violations arising in a crash that requires a vehicle being towed or an injury requiring medical attention away from the scene. The alcohol test must be conducted within 8 hours and the controlled substances test must be conducted within 32 hours of the crash.

Federal DOT

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